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Got Network?

Professional, affordable and customizable promotions that cost just a fraction of what it would cost to start from scratch…hmmm. Sound like something you could use? Take a look at the applications below and see if one fits. Then, give us a call or send us an email. We’d be thrilled to cook up some great ideas for you and your network.

Affinity Marketing
Looking for new revenue streams for your association? Members asking for more but it's getting tougher to deliver? Is it getting harder to see an ROI on your in-house member marketing services? Let PME deliver customizable materials to your members without losing that precious revenue stream. We’re only a click away.
Franchisee Network
National brand, local presence. Not an easy combination at times. Especially when independent business owners have minds of their own. PME can deliver a flexible program for your franchisees that lets you distribute your nationally branded messages with fully customized solutions for local markets. Your creative or ours, or a combination of both. Let’s talk about it together.
White-Label Delivery Engine
There’s no need to build your own delivery engine to distribute working creative files to your network. We’ve got it all figured out for you. Easy upload and file administration for your in-house staff or agency to use. Complete reporting suite to track transactions, commissions, and creative compensation. Photo management system in place, too. Need to tweak it? No problem. Find out if an OEM solution can work for you.
Fully Sponsored Site
Trying to break into a new industry? Need to develop new distribution channels quickly? Perhaps a new product or service is ready to go, and you’ve got to establish a presence fast? Consider PME as a delivery vehicle for exceptional added-value. Provide professional and customizable materials to your channels at no cost to them. We can deliver custom content for you, or you can provide your own. We'll even get the word out for you, being the distribution specialists that we are. Find out how good we are at launching new stuff.
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